You've entered the site of award winning singer / songwriter and producer Len Mizzoni. Len has released five critically-acclaimed solo albums, Waves of Indigo, released in 2018, Better Days in 2019, Forever in 2020, his self titled album in 2021 and I Know Who I Am in 2022 which have all received extensive airplay with over 20 million streams this year in 180 countries.


"It's Christmas" is Len's new single. His previous Christmas releases are "It's Christmas Time In Nashville", "Mistletoe Kisses", and the heartfelt classic "My Christmas Tree". Available wherever music is sold and streamed.

JUNE 2023:
NEW SINGLE "Fly High My Butterfly" was inspired by a recent butterfly memorial release event that Len attended in memory of his granddaughter Gabriella.

This song is being released on Monday, June 12. and is available wherever music is sold or streamed.

MARCH 2023:
Just in time for Easter this powerful and emotional song was Inspired by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the story of St. Thomas who doubted the Resurrection of Jesus and demanded physical proof of the wounds of Christ's Crucifixion. "O Holy One" is Len's first single released to Christian / Worship radio in North America.

Len will be releasing his 5th album on January 17, 2022 entitled "I Know Who I Am". The album will feature 13 new original songs.
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"Sad Songs" from his album Better Days has gone viral globally on TicTok with thousands of streams and with millions of views.

On November 15th, Len will be releasing his 3rd Christmas single entitled "My Christmas Tree". The Christmas season is a special time of year for celebrating with family and friends and also to reflect on Christmases past and those who are no longer with us. This song is about the most perfectly decorated Christmas tree and reflects on someone who is no longer there. The tree shines brighter this year because it has a new angel looking down on us. Even though it is a song about loss its still a favourite time of year.

On a very personal level the song was inspired by his granddaughter Gabriella who past away just before Christmas last year.

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Len will be releasing his 5th studio album in January 2022 entitled "I Know Who I Am".
APRIL 2021:
We all belong to one race the human race and no one should be judged by the colour of their face.

Our differences should be celebrated and not hated. In a recent speech President Biden said "we can't let George Floyd's last words I Can't Breathe die with him, we have to keep hearing those words".

Music has the power to inspire change.

I Can't Breathe

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Len is very excited to release his new self titled album on January 18th 2021. His new album will feature 11 songs including his interpretation of two jazz standards "Autumn Leaves" and "The Shadow of Your Smile".

Very special to Len on this album is the song "Sleep Away" by American jazz pianist Bob Acri. Len was so moved by this timeless instrumental track that it inspired a beautiful lyric which he hopes will introduce this jazz standard to an entire new audience.

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New Christmas single "Mistletoe Kisses" being released November 15th wherever music is sold or streamed
Len is in the studio finalizing his new album (no title as of yet) scheduled for release February 2021 Len will doing his first cover on this album the jazz standard "Autumn Leaves". (listen below)
Len's latest album Forever is available anywhere music is sold as of February 3rd, 2020. His 1st single "Its You Always Been You" was released to AC radio in North America in early January 2020.
Len's latest Christmas single "It's Christmas In Nashville" will be available on November 1. Click here to learn more!

Len's newest album "Forever" is set to be released in 2020! Check back here for further details!

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